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Becca FrasierBecca Frasier is the Senior Copy Director of Brand Creative at Sprinklr, where she develops and delivers creative solutions for some of the largest social communities in the world. She combines the eye of a lifelong digital native with the mind of a business strategist to develop world-class experiences that delight community participants every day. Previously, Becca was a community strategist focused on the end-to-end user experience, ranging from moderation to content strategy, production, delivery, and measurement. Becca holds a B.A. in English and Linguistics from the University of Texas, as well as an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edward's University. She lives in south Austin (78704, represent!) with her husband, their daughter, and four miniature dachshunds.

If you’re lucky, every once in a while a true gift arrives in the form of the complete package. Becca is that special delivery. Here’s what you get when Becca’s in your corner: equal parts word warrior, client consigliere, savvy social strategist, pop-culture anthropologist and all around indefatigable brainiac. As if that weren’t enough, Becca is also cooler than a cucumber and never bruises under pressure. A joy to work with and an asset to any creative/strategy team, Ms Frasier is the Real McCoy in an industry too tolerant of Mulligans. I will absolutely work with Becca again, and I am prepared to fight you for that privilege.


– Jon Resnik, Executive Creative Director at Big Fuel

Over my career in the creative industry, I’ve worked with a wide range of copywriters and creative thinkers, but I’ll always remember working with Becca most. We were stationed at separate offices, but worked closely and consistently on multiple projects, as well as pitched clients together throughout the year. I can’t think of a single moment where Becca hasn’t taken initiative to make up for the lack of additional resources, provided her expertise over long night work sessions or simply lent moral support to her team when things got stressful. I know we shouldn’t have ‘favorites’ in a working environment, but she easily tops my list of the best employees I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I would gladly work with her again in the future.


– Adam Barnum, Senior Manager of Creative Design at American Express

Becca knows how to get the job done for clients, as efficiently and effectively as possible. She is well-respected for her professional expertise and has helped build the company’s internal culture via knowledge sharing and cross-team collaboration. Becca’s work across organization levels, functional areas, and engagement types has made her an asset to the company and I’d recommend her highly as a business advisor.


– Peter Kim, Head of Professional Services at Dachis Group


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Social Media Strategy100%

Community Management100%

Team Management90%






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Adobe Creative Cloud70%



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