While remodeling the bathroom in the bedroom that I inhabited from 1985-2000, my mother came upon a little rant that I wrote at some point in my high school career. After some research, I concluded that this was written on October 6, 1999.

This rant appears in its original form below. Enjoy.

Boy Bands: The Hype, The Glamour

I just don’t understand the whole big deal. Gloria Estefan is sitting there, gracing my TV with her new “trendy” look as she cuddles up to the boys of ‘N Sync. It’s mass hysteria; it’s pure insanity.

The folks at MTV were just forced to lower their shades in their Times Square studio because of the masses of fans that congregated around the windows. Millions of teenage heart-struck girls, each and every one of them screaming over the wimpy boys of ‘N Sync. Their looks aren’t all that appealing, really. Anybody could get themselves a little bleached Jheri curl and adopt the name Justin. Voila! Instant heartthrob. As for the other boys, there just isn’t that much hope for them. The one member who sports the horrible braids is wearing a cap that so gracefully sports the words “’N Suck.” Whoever made these caps, call me; we need to hook up.

Following MTV’s brief interview with ‘N Sync, they cut to the new Limp Bizkit video. Upon Carson’s inquiry about the boys liking Limp Bizkit, they replied rather wholeheartedly, with a joyous “YES!” I find it hard to believe that any band (if one can even call them that) that produces such huge disappointments as “Tearing Up My Heart” and “Music Of My Heart” could enjoy the music of self-proclaimed bad-asses Limp Bizkit.

Three teenage girls drove all the way from Ohio to see the boys in ‘N Sync in Times Square. It was a nine hour road trip, but they were never bored or tired, for ‘N Sync’s pitiful music kept them excited. Pure insanity.

Where have all the good musicians gone?

Please come back…

Does the ‘N Sync member with the bad red hair really think he’s Superman?

Save the music industry from this absolute trash.

Don’t even get me started on Ricky Martin…

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  • Claudia McDaniel

    Boo hoo…I love Ricky Martin. Yeah, the songs aren’t that insightful or anything that is witty or intelligent. I just like imagining…well anything more I say would just be TMI! LOL

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