me: AAH! i just saw my ex on congress. we were crossing the street, facing each other.

ams: shittttttttttt

me: i was with liam

ams: did you say anything??

me: i was chatting with liam and looked up and said “oh, fuck me.”

ams: to your ex?

me: haha, he wishes. he walked by all fast and huffy.

ams: ahahahhahhaa. oh life is so hilarious.

ams: did he look cute? did you look cute? not that it matters, but it does.

me: …i was wearing my three keyboard cat moon shirt

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  • sargedakilla

    its not a bout the blog cuz your contact link doesnt work. i was wondering if you were on red vs blue ? if you were , you guys rule. thank you for your time.

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