There’s something to be said for getting out of bed at a normal hour. Austin feels like it’s mid-yawn during my morning commute. I love seeing college kids (o, lament the days!) trudge along campus with tousled hair and sleepy eyes. Young girls in cars have a look about them that I know too well — puffy eyes and faded lips that indicate exhaustion and recklessness.

Austin’s fall season usually consists of roughly 30 days that have temperatures ranging from 80 – 95 degrees. I use the term “fall” loosely, of course. In most regions, this weather would still be considered summer, but my thin Texan blood welcomes the 10 degree temperature drop. Today is a typical, beautiful fall day. It’s 73 degrees at 9:00 am and there’s a lazy, melancholy fog creeping between houses and office buildings.

My morning commute usually takes place an hour later than it did today, and I was shocked by the difference. Everything is quiet. It’s enough to make me wake up an hour earlier every day so I can revel in this city’s glory. I love it here. I’ve lived in Austin for just over six years and I still find myself in awe on a daily basis.

The morning show on KVRX played four back-to-back songs that perfectly embodied the feel of the morning. Days like this are perfect.

I love mornings; I just hate waking up.

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