The Lucky One

I’ve never considered myself to be an especially lucky person. I’m not unlucky, either; I simply get by with doing what feels right in the moment. This is precisely why I didn’t think twice about my actions when I sat down at my rickety dorm room desk and joined my first social network in the fall of 2000. This decision seemed completely obvious. I was new to town and interested in independent music, so I

This really happened

me: AAH! i just saw my ex on congress. we were crossing the street, facing each other. ams: shittttttttttt me: i was with liam ams: did you say anything?? me: i was chatting with liam and looked up and said "oh, fuck me." ams: to your ex? me: haha, he wishes. he walked by all fast and huffy. ams: ahahahhahhaa. oh life is so hilarious. ams: did he look cute? did you look cute? not